Rachael Millson – Purpose Guide & Soul Coach

Who is Rachael?

Rachael is a Purpose Guide™, Soul Coach, wilderness guide, facilitator, and sharer of heart and earth songs. Her focus is soul-level awakening, and full nature communion. Through 1:1 and group work, she supports individuals to see the truth of their sacred, ecological beings, unburden themselves from conditioned, distorted ways of being, and tune into the guidance of Soul. In this way each and every one of us can awaken and live our True Nature,

Rachael is passionate about the potential of moving from our current paradigm of separation and fear, towards an emerging paradigm or unity, wholeness, and harmony with Greater Nature. A more beautiful and loving human and more-than-human existence awaits us. One that works for all living beings, now and in the future. One where we live in true reverence and communion with Mother Earth – in truth, joy, connection, freedom and love.

What is Rachael offering?

1) The Purpose Discovery Programme (online) plunges us into that deep place within, where we can listen to the answer to the question, “What am I called to do in this lifetime?” Based on a framework that has been used around the world, purpose-work is about discovering and embodying this deeper calling, from under the spell of our default purposes of outward success, comfort and approval. When we have the opportunity to live our calling, we can support our collective true purpose: To become co-creators of our species’ evolution. And through this we give birth to more beauty, truth and goodness in the world.

This online programme includes: 12 x 2-hour group zoom sessions; 2 x individual mentorship sessions; weekly guided meditations, practices and rituals sent via recording, purpose discovery processes and reading (around 4-5 hours required per week); detailed feedback provided in response to your written reflections; individual time in nature in your home setting, including a Soul Quest as a core part of this programme (solo nature immersion).

2) The True Nature SoulQuest utilises nature immersion and soulcraft practices to awaken and live your true nature.

The True Nature SoulQuest (in person in Cape Town) is a 4-month immersion – an invitation to uncover and embody your authentic truth and life’s purpose. Through deep nature connection and soulcraft practices, cracks will start to appear through which you will see the light of your Soul, your True Self, shining clearly. This programme will illuminate your true sacred nature and deepen your intimacy with life itself, giving birth to more beauty, truth and goodness.

  • Learn how to listen to the compass of your heart
  • Discover the nature of your true authentic Self
  • Embody your deeper purpose, from under the spell of default purposes of outward success, comfort and approval
  • Participate in Council and Ceremony
  • Open a sacred dialogue with nature and Soul
  • Live a Soul-aligned life

This programme contains a mixture of face-to-face and online sessions, self-directed nature-based soulcraft practices, and a sunrise to sunset solo nature immersion.

Why you should work with Rachael:

Find and embody your life’s purpose; divest yourself from thoughts, habits and belief systems that hold you back; connect deeply with nature; meet your true potential; offer what is yours to bring in service of humanity and our home planet Earth

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