Kathrin Pachinger – Bodyworker

Who is Kathrin?

Kathrin is very passionate about opening spaces where your body can heal itself cause you are the one who know best what you need and what is not serving you any longer. For that we need to start listening. Listening to ourselves.

Years ago Kathrin was travelling through the North of Thailand and ended up studying the ancient practice of Thai Massage. Later on she combined it with Cranio Sacral Therapy and Osteopathy (Osteothai).

Her work is all about encouraging people to tune into themselves on a deeper level, cause she truly believes we have everything we need already within us. It is like a treasure hunt inside of us. Everything we experience gets stored in our bodies. We can consciously use certain methods to free ourselves from old emotions and patterns stored in the body, which are holding us back from truly connecting with us and others.

What is Thai Massage, what is Osteothai?

“Thai massage is an ancient healing modality born in Thailand that has further developed in North America. It’s a therapeutic style of massage that combines soft tissue manipulation techniques, meditation, assisted yoga postures and breathing in order to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.” Krishnataki, Founder of Sunshine House in Greece

Osteothai is the integration of osteopathy and Thai massage. It’s a form of bodywork that combines extraordinary the very gentle touch of osteopathy with the powerful techniques of Thai massage.

Osteothai is practised on the floor; the practitioner uses her whole body including feet, knees and elbows.

How you can work with Kathrin:

All our experiences get stored in our bodies. In her sessions Kathrin is using principles from Thai massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Osteothai to give your system the space to free itself from old emotions, patterns,…Everything which is holding you back from truly connecting with your higher self, with your true nature.

During the European summer she offers sessions in Eisenstadt face to face, from October until March she lives in Capetown, South Africa. During the whole year she is available to cocreate with you online. If you are interested to get in touch, check out her website

You can book 1:1 sessions with Kathrin here: https://www.kathrinpachinger.com/

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