Joy King aka JoyRisingZA – Bodywork & Mentoring

Who is Joy?

Joy is a very powerful and experienced bodyworker and mentor. She is passionate about empowering women to rise – offering offline courses and groups in her home country South Africa as well as online.

What Joy is offering:

Joy’s training as a Birth Doula and Shiatsu Practitioner has been foundational to her intuitive bodywork and space-holding modalities.

With nearly a decade of experience, she serves the women in her community as a mind/body/soul mentor and guide, incorporating Human Design, Somatic Intelligence and (re)connection with Mother Nature.

Through her JoyRisingZA community, she envisions the sovereign rise and empowerment of the women of Africa.

How you can work with Joy:

To find out how you can join one of her group offerings or work 1:1 with her, please visit her website: