Knock Knock Knock on Heaven’s Door

Introduction to Spiritualism and Mediumship with Dannie Quilitzsch
December 7th, 4pm – 7pm
The Center, Nordhoek
Tickets: Link will follow in five breaths

For a while now I am walking down my spiritual path. There are not many people I have talked openly about this yet, so for many of you who know me the following might still be a surprise. I admit it also took a while for me before I had the courage to talk with people about my recent experiences and how that changed my believe system about the meaning of our being here on planet earth. I am still in training how to find the right words, how to share my experiences in a way that you do not back off right away but stay open enough to read through this article before you make up your mind about it. I also became stronger in the last months and more and more trusting in my own Spiritualism and Mediumship which additionally gives me the confidence to go out there with it now no matter whether people might still talk to me or not. Because in the end it comes down to one thing – as always: You have to be yourself. True to yourself. And just who you are. Not hiding part of you, not trying to pretend, not performing to be someone else. Be who you truly are with all what you are in every situation and every second of your life.

So this is me opening up. Are you ready? Let’s go.

I believe in continous life. Well, I have to correct this: Today I KNOW there is continuous life. To make it more concrete: I believe we are before we are. We are more than our body, our mind, our being on this planet. I believe that before life on earth our souls already decide which tasks we want to fulfill here on earth – and that’s how we pick our life. I believe that we also connect with other souls upfront and that’s why we so often meet people and have the feeling we know them for a lifetime. Or we meet someone more then one time in our life or stick with specific persons for a long time as they will support us in fulfilling our goals and help us to grow. I believe that there is evolution before our lives on planet earth and there will be more also after we pass into the next adventure.

As born human beings we are not aware of this anymore. As babies and toddlers we still have many of the capabilities like sensing energies and trusting what we feel more than what we hear or see. Did you actually know that we learn empathy by copying the behavior of our opponent and combine it with the feelings we sense – that’s how we later can be empathic when we observe the actions of somebody, because we saved that combination in our system. Becoming more and more part of the external world we loose those competences. Like feeling energies, like communicating to each other without words, like sensing if something is wrong. There are many people who have a very strong intention and also use this to make decisions. But less people really trust those feelings more than what they “know”, meaning what they have learned and experienced. We know from original peoples and even our ancestors that schamanic and spiritual practices were a lot more common centuries ago. And there are countries where those are still more accepted and in use than in Germany where I come from. Historically seen in the middle age when Catholicism became big they have banished and for example burned those who were using and working with those practices as they were all seen as witches and possessed by the devil. Finally the industrialization managed to give only systems that were to be measured and controlled right to exist so the very little rest of oral tradition about old practices was almost extinct.

In our times more and more people become aware of those talents and skills again and I am very grateful to be born into a life where I have the chance to dive really deep into these experiences and can even expand my extraordinary capabilities.

As I said before I am still in training and in the process of finding explanations. And sometimes there are still moments where I catch myself being sceptical. But overall it is very easy: If you once made this experience yourself you cannot deny it anymore. Yes, many of you will be like “there are so many people who are saying they had experiences but it was never really proved”. And in a way you might be right. We cannot show that contineous life exists. We cannot measure it or control it. But we can feel it. And you can too.

The first time I was having this experience myself, I was still very sceptical. But being aware in this first moment I could feel, see and know things about a person that was not living anymore I was excited like a little kid who had just received a gift she would never have expected to finally get. It is like falling in love the first time. The emotions are overwhelming. You cannot describe the situation or circumstances. You just know when it happens what it is. Do you remember, when you were falling in love first time? You might have had other people around you trying to describe you the symptoms and what it would make with you if it happens. But you did not know before you experienced it yourself. Only during making the experience yourself you knew exactly what was going on.

It is the same with Mediumship. You can describe the symptoms. You might have symptoms like a gut feeling, like the sense of a cool stream of air moving through a room or if someone was almost touching your skin. You might have an idea of how it feels and what it does to you. But only in the moment when you really experience it, you know. And again. After you experienced it the first time you will not be able to deny it anymore that “falling in love” exists.

I know this still sounds very cryptical. So let me try to give you a very little introduction. There are different forms of Mediumship. First of all we make a distinction between psychich and mediumistic powers. When talking about psychic abilities we mean the capabilities to read someone else’s aura. You do have that too. You have a gut feeling about somebody when you meet him or her the first time. If you learned to trust your intuition you might be very good in it. We all carry information about emotions, experiences and “stuff” in our aura so if somebody is really good in psychic reading he or she can read all those information from your aura. You can train that easily. Everybody has psychic capabilities. Most of us just have forgotten how to use them. If you for example let yourself distracted by the appearance and behaviour of a person you might have lost your initial gut feeling over the time. It is like a muscle – it needs training to get better and better.

Talking about intuition – you probably use your intuition more often than you realize to make decisions. “Trust your gut feeling” is one of the most given advice from others. This method is something we focus on as a medium. We build our intuition, we connect to a source that is not the regular knowing in terms of the storage of our learning and our experiences. We put our mind to the side and focus on our feelings. As a medium it is very important to know where our own thoughts and interpretations we receive end and where the spiritual impressions begin. We train ourselves to fully still our mind and put our ego to the side so we can fully trust the impressions that we receive. That’s why meditation is the key discipline in the field of Mediumship. You first have to learn the ability to dive really deep to still your mind and put your ego to the side to receive clear information. This might take a few years. And it does not mean that mediums have a still mind all the time. Actually it is quite the opposite. But we learn when and how to stop it.

In the field of Mediumship we decide between active and passive Mediumship. In passive Mediumship you let the spirit come through you like a channel. There is for example Trance Mediumship which has to be differenciated from trance healing. I don’t want to go too deep into the single forms, but you find a lot about it in the internet.

In active Mediumship your personality also takes part of the work. What matters as a medium is for example how you can access people. As every individual needs to be accessed in a different way – some more direct, some more in a sensible way, some even need some humor to be caught with their attention – the diversity of the personalities of mediums are also very important. And additionally every medium has a different mixture of capabilities. Some mediums receive only feelings, that’s what we call clairsentient. Mediums can also see, hear, smell, taste and know information. These abilities are called clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairscentient, clairgustent or clairknowing.

Studiying Mediumship you will study and be in training in all different fields but you will realize that there are those you can access easier than others. And very important as well: your Mediumship changes. In the beginning I could mainly feel impressions and was mainly clairknowing, today I see a lot and even sometimes hear things in addition to the strong clairsentience and clairknowing which are my key abilities. As I said before also your personality plays a role in your active Mediumship. That’s why it is also very important to work on your self development. How else could you convince your ego to stand by the side when other things are more important. And you really have to know where your mind ends, where your own interpretation of information starts, what your own feelings are and what the pure impression is you receive for the sitter. You evolve your personal style as a medium – one might work with music, the other might work through art or writing. And also the style you as a person have attracts different people and topics. All these things are developing over the time and it is not unusual that it takes a few years to develop your own Mediumship.

Mediumship is a lot of work. There are those who are natural talents similar to musicians and soccer players. But still you need a lot of discipline and training to become a master in your field. Same as a Medium. You realise your talent but that’s only a small part of your path. What follows is a lot of studying, practicing and discipline again and again. For me sitting in meditation is still one of the hardest things to focus on.

But it is also the first time in my life where I enjoy becoming disciplined. Because what I get out of it is pure joy. And fun. And not to forget all the love you are experiencing through it.

Not everyone who has capabilities to be a medium is following this calling. For me it is the most beautiful thing to do in life. To be in service of this greater consciousness which we receive to help others to receive more love and healing in their lives. I cannot think of something better to spend my time with than be with people I can help to bring more joy and light to their lives.

Many of us have these abilities and do not know how to work with them or to start exploring how to use them. If you feel you can sense people’s energies, you sometimes feel connected to loved ones or guides who support you on your path, and you are curious how to deepen your experiences, this event is exactly right for you. And also if you are just curious how to open up the possibilities for yourself to play more with your own awareness and strengthen your receptivity. All are welcome!

The moment you experience it yourself you suddenly understand that you can relax and just enjoy your life. Because the universe has your back. And everything is and always will be exactly like it should be. In this moment you do not only hear these words and follow it, you can finally feel it.

Dannie Quilitzsch

So be playful with your spirituality – it is the key to a joyful life full of love!

I can’t wait to see you in person! Join us here:

Introduction to Spiritualism and Mediumship
December 7th, 4pm – 7pm
The Center, Nordhoek

Find out more about me here:

Love & Light

Yours Dannie

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